Alsop advocates Arnold

This blog is a champion of the music of Malcolm Arnold. And there are few conductors around today with the media profile of Marin Alsop.

So it is really exciting to see Alsop (right) programming Arnold in a Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra concert in March 2006. The work is Arnold's sublime Guitar Concerto, the performances are on 29th March at the Lighthouse Poole, and 31st March at Exeter University, and the soloist is the talented young American guitarist Eliot Fisk. (Could there be a Naxos recording in the pipeline? - next year is the 85th anniversary of Sir Malcolm's birth and they have already recorded all his symphonies.)

And more good news, Eliot Fisk has his very own excellent blog. Great to see a professional musician blogging, makes a change from mere amateurs like me.

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