Terry Riley's 'In C' at the Johnson Museum

Terry Riley's minimalist classic 'In C' was given a recent performance in the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University by members of the Cornell Symphony Orchestra.

For the full story of a wonderful piece being played in a wonderful setting (right) follow this link to the Cornell Orchestra Life blog.

And if you are in their neck of the woods look out for the Cornell Symphony's December 11th concert at Ford Hall, Ithaca College, which includes a performance of Chris Gendall's 'So It Goes'. This exciting young composer is currently studying at Cornell, and his jazz and funk influenced compositions have been widely performed in his native New Zealand.

Picture credit - Cornell Orchestra Life
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If you enjoyed this post take An Overgrown Path to Terry Riley's 'Requiem for Adam'.


braveone said…
Thanks for the post to the Cornell Symphony.
My students really appreciate the plug!
Pliable said…
It's a pleasure Chris, but the real credit goes to the power of music blogging.

My post came about as a result of reading the excellent new Cornell Orchestra Life blog (see link above).

The outcome is that a lot of people now know about an upcoming performance by a talented young composer. That's what music blogging is all about.
philosophia said…
This is great! A group of us at my school got together and played "In C" a few Sunday nights ago. It lasted about an hour and was so much fun...We had a good representation of instruments.

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