If you only buy one CD this year.......

......buy this one.

Gimell Records have just released the double CD Requiem. It is all previously released material, but this is what you get for the price of one CD (around £15.00, $28US):

Tomás Luis da Victoria (1548-1611) Requiem
Duarte Lôbo (c.1565-1646) Requiem for six voices
Manuel Cardoso (c.1566-1650) Requiem
Alonso Lobo (c.1555-1617) Versa est in luctum, Credo quod Redemptor, Vivo ego, dicit Dominus, Ave Maria.

These are exquisite performances of musical masterpieces. Gimell have released it as a 'spoiler' tactic as rival ensemble The Sixteen release their own full price Victoria Requiem this month. I am sure that is magnificent too, but unfortunately it cannot compete in terms of 'bang for bucks' with the Gimell 'two for the price of one' package.

I hate those classical releases dreamed up by corporate publicists titled 'The world's most beautiful music. But this new release from the Tallis Scholars offers more than two hours of............the world's most beautiful music.

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Pliable said…
Readers are reporting difficulty finding the Tallis Scholar's Requiem CD on the Amazon web site.

It is available from the excellent Prelude Records, and can be ordered online from them using
this link.

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