'The classical world is imploding'

'There was a time when the classical world was so strong that they didn't need anybody else - they were more insulated. But now that world is imploding.'

Maria Schneider, 'the toughest woman in jazz', tells it like it is in Just the 18 of us in today's Guardian.

And in the same issue contemporary composer Christopher Fox has some interesting thoughts on getting second performances of new works in Trouble and Strife .......

'Some of the problem comes from the way composers allow publishers to negotiate with a soloist, or an orchestra or conductor, regarding a new piece.'

Just to prove to Alex Ross that classical composer's do not have a monopoly on own label wines my graphic is the label from "Maria Schneider Jazz" Riesling medium-dry (halbtrocken) available from Rudi Heist, and grown by Reichsrat von Buhl, one of the best estates in the Pfalz.

Trivia note - jazz musician Maria Schneider is of course not the same person as actress Maria Schneider, who starred with Marlon Brando, and a stick of butter, in Bernardo Bertolucci's Last Tango in Paris.

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Anonymous said…
M. Schneider : very OK.

Also : Katia Labeque.

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