Classic misunderstandings - Beethoven's movements

'Beethoven composed his string quartet, Opus 132 in A minor, in the winter of 1824-52. He was 54 and recovering from a serious bowel condition from which he had nearly died. As a result, he entitled the central movement "a song of thanksgiving ..." '

From A meeting of minds by Katie Mitchell in today's Guardian.

Picture credit - CNN
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Henry Holland said…
in the winter of 1824-52

Wow, that's one heck of a winter, 28 years long.
Pliable said…
Well spotted Henry, I must confess I hadn't noticed that one. As I am sure you found out yourself the date error is in the Guardian article, I simply cut and paste the copy from the online article.

I think a Guardian sub-editor is going to be somewhat embarrassed over that article.

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