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I recently wrote about director Thomas Grube's highly acclaimed new film 'Rhythm Is It!' which is winning much needed new audiences for classical music with its highly seductive mix of the Berlin Philharmonic, Simon Rattle, German underground rock, and a cast of two hundred and fifty Berlin teenagers.

Well, the following email has just arrived On An Overgrown Path, and it gives readers an exclusive inside track on Thomas Grube's follow-up film which again stars Rattle and the Berlin band. The preview is via a really great blog. Don't worry that a lot of it is in German - it really is worth exploring. There are some great downloads, including ambient audio files recorded by
'sound designer' Simon Stockhausen - yes, the son of Karlheinz no less (photo above).

Follow this link for the blog, and here is the email which came in a few minutes ago from Andreas Thilo, and which really is a testament to the power of music blogging ........

"Hello! It was a real pleasure for us when we came across your posting about "Rhythm is it" in your webblog On An Overgrown Path. With the help of people like you our movie has become a runaway success all around the globe. Thank you very much for your support.

My name is Andrea and I am working together with Thomas Grube the director of "Rhythm is it". You might be interested to hear that Thomas Grube recently started his new project called "Trip to Asia" - "the Quest for Harmony". The movie, that is supposed to be in theatres in autumn 2006, joins the Berlin Philharmonics together with Sir Simon Rattle on their concert tour through Asia.

If you'd like to know more about the movie I can point you to our blog - Although most of the postings are in German you will have the chance to get engaged in the working process of the movie and follow the world famous orchestra on its tour to from Bejing to Tokyo. For example you will find a production diary with photos from the sets taken by the director and you can listen to ambient audiofiles recorded by sound designer Simon Stockhausen.

Best regards from Berlin,

Andrea Thilo"

Photo credit - Simon Stockhausen
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Pliable said…
Isn't the diversity of languages both beautiful and frustrating?

I studied Latin (and French) at school. My German is poor, my Dutch practically non-existent despite having visited that wonderful country many times.

Muzieknoten is a great looking blog - in Dutch.
Have a browse at the nice graphics as you ponder on the mistake of assuming everyone speaks English/American. And understand why nations such as the Dutch and French are so protective of their languages. See Burning the bookshops.

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