Over my dead body..............

Problem 1 - Build a new shopping mall in a historic city centre with limited available land.

Problem 2 - A large portion of the available land is consecrated, and used as a cemetery for the late-Gothic parish church of St Stephen's, with its splendid hammer beam roof, tall aisles, and clerestory dating to the late 15th century.
Solution- Build the mall around the cemetery, and put a main access path across the consecrated ground.
Project - Chapelfield Mall, Norwich, UK. Architects Chapman Taylor. Opened October 2005.

Image credits - Pliable's son using Casio EX-52. The picture above is a photograph of the actual notice that has been put up in the cemetery.
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Pliable said…
Nice that this post was nominated by readers as one of the best articles posted in the week by British and Irish bloggers,see Britblog Roundup #37
Anonymous said…
The television in the next room just had a story about the hope of architects and planners swarming to the Mississippi gulf area that the rebuilding will give them a chance to do it right:more walkability through towns, few strip malls, design the communities to be closer

The silver lining of a catastrophic natural disaster?

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