Friday, October 21, 2005

Keep twiddling the knobs Stocky............

The Guardian's arts correspondent Charlotte Higgins on the price of tickets for tomorrow's Stockhausen concert in London....

'I was taken aback to be told the price was £35 ($63) per ticket. After all, it's not much more tha an hour of music. And, though he's a living legend and all that, he's only one bloke twiddling some knobs. It's not like there's an orchestra, a choir and five expensive divas to pay for. '

Photo credit: Soeren Stache/EPA via Guardian

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1 comment:

Shablagoo! said...

Blimey! Stockhausen playing er..Stockhausen. That one somehow passed me by.

Every time I've ever been to recital featuring his works they've been cancelled at short notice due to performer illness.

Never really got to hear his music live. :/