The Frauenkirche rises from the ashes

Let's celebrate the rebuilding, and yesterday's re-consecration, of the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) in Dresden which was destroyed in the aftermath of the Allied bombing of the city in 1945.

Follow An Overgrown Path to Dresden 1945 - London 2005 for more on the terrible events of sixty years ago.

Image credit - BBC
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Garth Trinkl said…
Thanks, Pliable, for this celebratory posting! I last visited Dresden in January 2004 as the rebuilding project neared its coda, so it was a joy to see this photograph of the celebration.

I also recall that due to the Elbe flooding in the summer of 2002, there was some question as to whether Dresden would be able to maintain, next to the Church, the runis of the tightly-knit urban basements which had been firebombed in February of 1945. Apparently, the floods had damaged this memorial site threatening the adjacent Church foundation. I'll try to look into this.

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