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From today's Guardian....

Concerts banned after elderly fans turn rowdy

Rowdy behaviour by elderly theatre organ fans has led to a ban on lunchtime concerts in Penistone, South Yorkshire, where the Paramount cinema's 68-year old pipe organ is the last of its type in Britain. Claims of abuse, harassment and furious rows between an elderly fan and a councillor led to the move. The Paramount's manager, Rob Young, said: "We put on live bands, stage shows, and films and have lots of teenagers in, without a snippet of trouble." The concerts' regular organist, Kevin Grunhill, has issued a writ claiming loss of earnings from Penistone town council.

Photo credit St Mary's Cathedral, Kingston

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MikeZ said…
I don't suppose it would have occurred to anyone to simply ban the "elderly fan" - and maybe the councilman as well.
Anonymous said…
Yeah... I expected at least a bevy of elderly rowdy fans from the story's lead. Elderly fans seem to be so well behaved these days...
Anonymous said…
As I understand this all started with a row over which side of the road a coach bringing the elderly fans could park. I understand that the counciller said it was safer to park at the other side from the cinema. I still fail to undestand how having 50 elderly fans crossing the road is safer than having none though. Anyone got any ideas?

They did ban the "elderly fan" (the one supporting the correct side of the road idea), and that caused even more trouble. I understand the police had no problems with the bus on either side.

In an act of madness they stopped the Thursday lunchtime concerts, but not the Saturday afternoon ones. The cinema manager seemed quite happy on Saturday afternoons. It makes no sense at all.

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