XL - On An Overgrown Path

XL is the new choral work by English composer Antony Pitts. It uses the same forces as Tallis' sublime 40 part motet Spem in Alium, and was composed as a companion piece. XL is on a new Harmonia Mundi CD sung by the Rundfunkchor Berlin directed by Simon Halsey. It also includes the Tallis motet, Knut Nystedt's Immortal Bach, and Zoltán Kodaly's substantial Laudes organi.

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Raindrops are falling on my chant.


Pliable said…
What is the score I used as a graphic in this post? The sleeve of XL doesn't reproduce as a thumbnail, and I couldn't find an image of the score of Spem. So the score is neither, but what is it?
Anonymous said…
It is very hard to make out on my screen, but it looks like renaissance music because it generally seems to express the text and avoid polyphonic elaboration that would obscure the meaning of the words. Could it be a Kyrie from the one Mass by Antoine Busnois?
Pliable said…
I genuinely didn't know the answer myself. I have to confess that this post was unscheduled, I did it on the fly and I wanted a quick graphic that fitted the feel of the story as the XL cover didn't work.

But now we've started down this overgrown path...

My computer skills, rather than my musical knowledge, lead me to the conclusion it is Palestrina's Missa Papa Marcelli

Try this link and tell me if I am right.

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