Wiki classical music repository?

Interesting interview in yesterday's Guardian (11th Aug) with Wikimedia Foundation founder Jimmy Wales.

It says..."Among the (new Wikimedia Foundation) projects under discussion is....a repository of classical music to be performed by student orchestras."

No other information in the article about the music project. But it could be part of a programme through which the innovative and ambitious Wikimedia spreads its wings over many forms of culture, including an archive of paintings by old masters, and a new audio file format to rival MP3.

Wikipaedia has gone from zero to 22 million entries in less than five years. Could this be the 'free culture movement's' way to spread the word about classical music?

Watch this space.

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David said…
Music students giving recordings away for free undermines the very industry they are working to enter.
Pliable said…
The previous comment is one I have a lot of sympathy with. See Is recorded classical music too cheap?

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