Riding the electric highway...up to an overgrown path

Great news for new music. Yesterday on an overgrown path was read by more people than on any day since it started twelve months ago. And what attracted that record number of readers at a time when many are taking a well deserved holiday? - two posts about contemporary composers Odaline de la Martinez and Antony Pitts.

Monday's post on Musicians and terrorism also helped boost readers as it was picked up by a major UK political blog, and good audio clips and some great graphics lifted the two stories yesterday. But Odaline de Martinez and Antony Pitts are hardly household names. And the bottom line is that those two new music posts attracted more readers than Leonard Bernstein, Jacques Loussier, or those BBC Beethoven MP3 files. That's great news for all of us who are rooting for new music.

When I set this blog up I wanted to create a network of overgrown paths that readers could follow. Paths that would lead to new discoveries, as well as rediscovering old treasures. So I was really touched yesterday to read a wonderful piece called Riding the electric highway...up to an overgrown path on the blog Wordsand music describing the writer's first visit here.....

Within twenty minutes or so of clicking on on overgrown path, I had surfed off to several other sites, bookmarked a few pages (to add to the absurdly expanding list which I keep promising to organise but never do) and started to listen to some disparate stuff - everything from Conlon Noncarrow to Schoenberg to Henry Billings! I love the internet! I have long periods where I just take it for granted - then on a random cruise bump into new treasure.

Go and read Wordsandmusic. Not because it says nice things about my blog. But because its author, and musician, Freewheeling writes uncommonly well, and has something worth saying. And it is great that all those overgrown paths are leading somewhere.

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Hucbald said…
Well, you should get cudos. OGP (Can I call it that?) is one of the best, most diverse, and most inclusive music blogs I've ever found (I'm trying to think of a better all-around music blog, but nothing comes to mind). But, what do I know. I have no life.
Anonymous said…
Overgrown paths that readers can follow - this blog certainly delivers what it promises!

Brilliantly written and results in ongoing conversations. The only downside being that you have to have time on your hands to do it justice. As once you get hooked on one story it leads along the information highway at a great pace.

Thanks Piable.
Pliable said…
Thanks for those comments, much appreciated.

This post seems to have taken on a life of its own, and is mirrored on several other sites.

I realise I am in error for not crediting the wonderful graphic that helps the whole thing work so well. So let me retrospectively correct that.

The graphic is linked from the web site of Renderella Animation Studios. They have some really nice work on their site, and apologies for not crediting them in the original post.

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