LSO Live available from iTunes

In another new development in the rapidly changing distribution landscape for recorded classical music the award winning LSO Live recordings are now available as chargeable downloads from the iTunes store.

Follow this link for more on LSO Live on iTunes

While in another download development innovative French label Avie have signed an online distribution deal with MicMacMusic run by conductor Michel Swierczewski. Pricing is a highly competitive (or should that be too low?) 9.99 euro per CD (14.99 euro for doubles). The MicMacMusic site also has Furtwangler 1952 Beethoven Symphonies recorded with the Vienna Philharmonic for just 2 euros each.

It is good to see the LSO and Avie adopting 'pay to hear' models for online distribution from day one. And showing that you can charge, even for 1952 recordings. Unlike the BBC who are giving away their 2005 vintage MP3 Beethoven files.

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