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In a recent post I asked for help locating a web site for the enterprising French Art & Musique record label which specialises in organ and sacred music. Well the good news is that Art & Musique themselves responed to a fax today, and gave me this link to their really excellent site. It is in French, but don't be put off, there are lots of gems on it worth exploring.

Just so you can appreciate those gems here are two extracts from the recordings I recommended.

4 Siècles d'Orgue et Guitare - Windows Media Player

Orgue et Plain-Chant alterné à l'Abbaye Notre-Dame de Fontgombault - Windows Media Player

More good news is that my research has found that all the Art & Musique recordings can be bought from the large French online (and high street) retailer FNAC. I've used their excellent web site in the past without any problem, but it is in French.

No reason now not to explore the joys of Art & Musique, starting with those online audio samples. Enjoy.

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