Music and mathematics

From the web site of the enterprising Spanish Early Music label Glossa whose new release Morales en Toledo I wrote about in my post Size does matter........

Music and Mathematics


We are now working on the first recording on Glossa by the Italian ensemble, Cantica Symphonia. Called Quadrivium, the music is a selection of motets by Guillaume Dufay, beautifully performed with the careful addition of wind instruments and an organ.

But equally important are the two essays included in the small hard-cover book we are preparing. Mathematician Guido Magnano, who also happens to be Cantica Symphonia’s organ player, writes an outstanding piece about the importance of mathematics in music, and especially in Dufay’s music.

On the other hand, Giuseppe Maletto, the ensemble’s director, delivers his own view on the motets included on the CD. And, last but not least, Glossa’s designers are painstakingly preparing another groundbreaking set of images for this deluxe Glossa Platinum issue.

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