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ExampleEnjoyed Alchemists of Sound, a post on the excellent blog but she's a girl...... The post is about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and includes fascinating information on the woman composer and mathematician Delia Derbyshire who is best known for arranging the electronic version of the original Doctor Who theme tune. (Delia Derbyshire incidentally entered the BBC as a trainee Studio Manager, exactly the same route as Pliable, but twelve years earlier. The photo above shows Delia editing at the Beeb on a reel-to-reel recorder which brings back many memories of razor blades and yellow leader tape) .

Found Infoshare which is a weblog from the US Music Library Association. A lot of good stuff on it, and it doesn't seem to be too well known.

ExampleListened a lot to Keith Jarrett's new solo double CD Radiance. To date Jarrett has been a musician justifiably lauded for crossing genres, but conversely has kept his work in separate genre boxes with his Standards Trio, radical improvisation work (Book of Ways and Spheres), and solo piano albums such as Koln Concert. Radiance is remarkable because he breaks down the boxes and moves effortlessly between genres in one set. This is not 'comfort music,' and I fear it is going to disappoint some Jarrett fans. It is also (thankfully) well removed from the self-indulgence of the big solo concert sets. I have to admit Radiance didn't bowl me over on first listening. It is like a great wine, it needs to mature, breath and grow on you. It is challenging music, it is Jarrett refusing to rest on his laurels, it is rewarding music, and it is a great album.

Pleased to write a post of just 275 words.

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