Coincidence or what?


One of those blog monitoring services called Waypath monitors references to George Bush. Yesterday they picked up and published the following story from my Size Does Matter post.......

when:19 hours, 56 minutes ago
this blog:
On An Overgrown Path
On An Overgrown Path : Size does matter
no doubt by the recent revelations of George Bush's iPod listening habits . (Why does music no longer...Here in the UK we are in the middle of an election campaign. It is marked by an incumbent party ( Labour ) with absolutely no credibility due to their toadying to the Bush administration, being opposed by two other parties ( Conservative and Liberal Democrat ) with even less credibility.

Later my blog visitor log reported the following access...

Referring Link No referring link
Host Name
IP Address
Country United States
Region Maryland
City Gaithersburg
ISP Parklawn Computer Center / Dimes Hq

Parklawn Computer Center is a US Government Computer Centre for the Federal Food and Drug Administration. Their IP address keeps some quite interesting company... NASA Goodard Space Flight Center (NET-GSFC-OPS-NET) Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (NET-CNR-GENOVA) CNR - Istituto CNUCE (NET-CNR-ROMA) Data Research Associates, Inc. (NET-DRANET) Parklawn Computer Center / DIMES HQ (NET-DIMES) Army Information Systems Command (NET-MONMOUTH-2)

I am sure it is just conspiracy theory on my part (a bit like WMD in Iraq), but Parklawn Computer Center hasn't visited On An Overgrown Path before to my knowledge. It must all be quite innocent, perhaps they were looking for hallucinogenic references in my posts BrainFood - 1 and Brain Food - 2, or maybe some recipes from the superb Griffin at Felin Fach that I wtote about in my post Lux Aeterna (and not Ligeti)? There is most probably a Tallis Scholars fan somewhere in Gaithersburg, Maryland. If so welcome to On An Overgrown Path, and I am sure you will enjoy my choral music postings at Master Tallis' Testament and The Chorus Sings Tallis and Tippett, not to mention the clandestine Nazi past of German photographer Siegfried Lauterwasser.



Mike said…
I recently posted a picture from Google Earth of Area 51 in Nevada (a somewhat secret military base), and the next day I found that Parklawn Computer Center had visited my page. Interesting indeed.
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Unknown said…
Having been visited recently by the Parklawn Computer and tech Brenda Crosby I am sure it is related to the items I post on my BLOG,, in an effort to raise the thinking of average people about health risks from modern products produced from the depths of Big Pharma.
As these bureaucrats further support thier agencies out of fear I am sure they have no time for the beauty of music produced by Tallis Scholars. I too have 11,000 Virgins that makes lovely early morning listening as the sun rises.
Memetician said…
They've visited me twice. Yesterday's was prompted, I am sure, when I commented on Eddie Bravo's chemtrails picture on Instagram (08/15/2016). Stalker weirdos don't even know how to cover their tracks. I'd be a better spook than them. Thanks for posting this article, I wouldn't have known who they were.

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