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I buy a lot of CD's, and am always looking for value for money as well as great service. The four Brahms Symphonies with Mackerras conducting the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in his highly acclaimed 'deconstructed' performances on 3 CD's from Telarc are £41.99 from Amazon UK. I followed the 'Used and New' link to Caiman USA and paid £17.47 plus £1.24 shipping for the same set listed as 'new' - less than half price, and a saving of more than twenty pounds.

Caiman offer online order tracking. They responded to the order with an email and said they are shipping in three days. They must be selling at less than US cost, but they have 119067 ratings from buyers in last twelve months with average 4.6 out of 5. The set arrived seven days after ordering. Beautifully packaged, factory shrunk-wrap, and half the price of Amazon - saving more than £20. Caiman ship via Frankfrt in the same way as

I would highly recommend Caiman on this experience. Fantastically low price, mint product, and shipping not much slower than But follow this link for an update on Caiman, Brilliant Classics and other suppliers - December 2005.

So what's the catch? Or is this just a great way to beat the rip-off pricing policies of the record companies?

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Anonymous said…
Just received my order of Vaughan Williams's "Sir John in Love" which I enjoyed recently in English National Opera's production. Caiman were the cheapest by far. How bizarre to get English CDs from Miami - but I'll be using them again! Will, Wallington, UK

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