The real world:

We need to get back in touch with the real world a bit don't we? Yesterday afternoon I visited a Residential Home for disabled folk. The residents seemd to be a mix of both degenerative and injury related conditions. The Resident Manager, one of those folks who just leaves you speechless with their positive and irony free approach, had just had an internet connection installed. Wants a course for residents on using the internet. Build a small goal oriented project (note how the jargon creeps in) on the fly. The residents have a Japanese pal who worked at the home, and has now moved back to Japan. Suggest sessions creating an email to him, including some photos. Great reception from the manager, first session next week.
Find it difficult to pitch my attitude with projects like this. Am I really doing it because I want to help? Am I doing it because I think it is the socially right thing to do? Am I doing it because it is a slightly more subtle ego trip than upgrading to this year's model BMW ?
Which is where the thread links up to the post above (What purpose do monks serve?) . Perhaps I should have the confidence to admit that a project like this (and all our actions?) serve no purpose. That is one big step to take, the bigger (and even more difficult one) one is to accept that it serves a person. Maybe the Overgrown Path will lead there, maybe not.


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