Does anyone remember Joyce Hatto?

On An Overgrown Path, May 2008

Telegraph website, October 2010

On An Overgrown Path has championed the work of the visionary arts administrator Sir William Glock over the years, as can be seen from my 2008 post above. I have also featured Leo Black's new book BBC Music in the Glock Era and After several times in the last few months. As can be expected other stories have appeared on Sir William Glock and on Leo Black's book. These include the recent article seen above on the Telegraph website by BBC Radio 3 presenter Petroc Trelawny which was linked to a Radio 3 Music Matters programme on the same subject.

There are only so many ways to present an article and the photo used in both articles comes from a third party source. So the visual similarities between the two pieces are, of course, coincidental. But the coincidences run deeper. The image file name in my article uses the standard naming convention which identifies every image On An Overgrown Path. Here is the HTML code from my article with the file name highlighted:

By a complete coincidence the image used in Petroc Trelawny's article has exactly the same file name. Here is the HTML code from the Telegraph website:

Sir William Glock was a great supporter of aleatoric music. I think the two articles would have amused him. For anyone that does not remember Joyce Hatto here is a link.

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