Life cycle of a blog

Generous and much appreciated sentiments are expressed elsewhere. But they do remind me of the danger of this blog becoming a venerable institution. For, as we have seen with BBC Radio 3, this inevitably leads to complacency, arrogance and finally decay. Ferenc Molnár's explanation as to why he wrote plays equally applies to bloggers and classical radio executives.
'It's like a prostitute; first, she does it to please herself; then she does it to please her friends; finally, she does it for money.'
Screen dump is from my October 2005 post Furtwängler and the forgotten new music.

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Civic Center said…
What a cruel(ly true) Molnar quote. Though I'm getting weary of the volunteer job myself after five years, I'd say I was still writing and reporting both for myself and ideal strangers since my few friends don't give a crap and I'm too insistently impertinent to be offered money.
Pliable said…
Mike, funny you should say that. The money thing seems to have passed me by as well.

But I have had offers -
John Babb said…
Your feelings didn't stop you posting link to the over the top compliments. Given that you don't post criticism, just praise, you are a hypocrite.
Pliable said…
Quite happy to post criticism JB.

Even when, and please forgive my incipient institutional arrogance, the person making it doesn't have the spine to identify him/herself.

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