2001: A Blog Odyssey

This is post number 2001 On An Overgrown Path. Which means that over the past five years more than half a million words, 5000 images and 4000 comments have been launched into cyberspace. My thanks go to my readers, not just for staying with me, but also for providing contributions and guidance. If the blog has achieved anything it is down to you, the readers.

Since I started blogging in 2004 classical music blogs have been dividing into two groups . One group uses blogging as an extension of the mainstream media. The other group, which includes On An Overgrown Path, takes a different approach and uses blogging as a rejection of the mainstream media. Longtime reader and blogger sfmike captured the spirit of the latter group beautifully in a recent comment:
The problem is that we've already been inside of the machine and can see the gears pretty clearly.
Yes, I've been inside the machine and quite a few of my posts have been about the gears that drive classical music. I am very aware that in a recent interview, which I linked to, that great free-spirit, the film director Constantin Costa Gavras said:
'If the [Catholic] Church has lasted 2,000 years, it's because they're nice to the strongest.'
On An Overgrown Path has lasted for 2000 posts. But by Costa Gavras' reckoning I won't be blogging in 4009. Which is not a problem as I am sure there are still quite a few posts to come. Anyway, when all is said and done this blog is not about gears and machines; it is about what reader Charlie Foss described in a comment as "that most excellent gift - music". So, on this gloriously sunny May Day here in England, I'm putting that ravishing 1974 LP of Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic playing Strauss on the turntable, and I'm going to enjoy a quiet celebration with friends. Why don't you join me?

I cannot for the life of me remember where I bought the Karajan/BPO LP of Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathrusta. But it definitely did not come from a PR agency. Photo is (c) On An Overgrown Path 2009. Report errors to - overgrownpath at hotmail dot co dot uk


Congratulations and long may you blog, Pliable. You're an inspiration to us all! Best wishes, Michael
Antoine Leboyer said…
Congrats and looking forwards to the next 2000.

see, i thought you would be celebrating with the Von Karajan 100 meter sprint races...congrats on coloring outside the line 2001 times
Civic Center said…
I love your publication. You never know what's coming next. And congrats on the 2001 posts. Are you considering playing Ligeti's "Requiem" while you're at it?

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