Living with war

The BBC has, quite rightly, been taking a lot of stick recently. But last night we watched BBC 4 television for three and a half hours solid, which is the longest I've watched TV for in a long time. The programmes were a sequence of tributes to Neil Young. They started with an atmospheric 1971 BBC studio recording of Young performing solo, then a new interview with the Canadian singer, followed by the recently released Déjà Vu video documenting C,S,N & Y's 2006 Freedom of Speech tour - video above and website below. It's easy to take cheap shots at ageing hippies. But I asked some time back why aren't we marching in the streets? Good to see someone still believes that music can help save the world, even if he is 63 in a couple of weeks.

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Pliable said…
Email received:

Good luck with your passionate advocacy of classical music.

Neil Young has long been one of my musical heroes, along with Patti Smith, neither of whom seem to have suffered from ageism which I agree is a problem in the strange world of classical music.


Unknown said…
Good for Niel Young who is obviously as young at heart as he always was.
63 is really not very old at all. The new old is 95.
Pliable said…
Kimberly, you have made my day.

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