Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Photo of he who must not be named

Harry Potter really did pass me by. But now all is explained...

"Instead, this was something like Dumbledore talking about opening Hogwarts franchises all over the world -- while He Who Must Not Be Named simply wasn't."

Basically, all I meant was that Abreu came off as a kindly aged wizard who spoke with enthusiasm of spreading his magical franchise throughout the Americas, while not addressing (or being asked) about the troubling notion of being used as a P.R. ambassador for what appears to be an increasingly despotic, dangerous regime. The link to your blog was intended to take readers directly to
your important post, while not mentioning Chavez by name a la Ms. Rowling's books.

That's all. Hope you didn't get the sense that I was referring to you as "he who must not be named."

Yours, Steve Smith
Associate Music Editor & Editor, Classical & Opera
Time Out New York

Many thanks Steve. I get it now. I think I probably typed Dane Rudhyar once too often today.
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carol said...

So now can we have an explanation of the notation [patent pending] after "the Gustavo Dudamel Experience"? Yikes!

Carol Murchie

Pliable said...

Email received

But clearly, the man must be insane. Witness his outburst in Spain and was told by none other than the King to Shut Up and stop being so rude.

Nice one.


David Cavlovic