BBC - deeply damaging to the brand

Music and the spirit of place On An Overgrown Path June 19 2007 - 'The BBC Proms are no longer a music festival, they are a global entertainment brand that stands for audience friendly and risk averse programming.'

House of Commons culture committee sitting reported in Guardian July 25 2007 - 'Mark Byford, deputy director general of the BBC, met the committee with a lethal blend of apology and jargon. Gosh, he was sorry. What had happened with the phone-in shows was "utterly unacceptable". Deceiving the public was "not on"; there was a line, and it could under no circumstances be crossed. The whole event had been "deeply damaging to the brand" - and we realised that the BBC, like Marmite and Nike, has become another "brand". '

And let's all remember classical music is not a brand.
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