When record shopping was fun

Telemann.live journal has a nice piece about my recent L'Oiseau Lyre article. I couldn't resist reblogging this comment posted there by a reader:

I can remember when record shopping was fun, and I think I could make the point that most of the advances in recorded music engineering and production were made for classical music up to the advent of the Beatles and their own production company.

I still have at least two of the first three classical LP's I bought in Boston at the Jordan, Marsh dept. store record dept. in the summer of 1969. My idea of an afterlife would be the Harvard Coop record dept. under the helm of manager Helga Newcomb, circa 1974. She knew everyone's tastes.

I'll partipate in the choral music scene here in Boston as long as it's still viable and buy their recordings. As for the rest, it's a lost world. . .

Now read about my first classical record.
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