New music ......

'New music has degenerated to mere noise, bludgeoning our ears rather than than caressing them. Noble song is lost ....'
Frederick the Great writing in 1777.

'His failures will be better than most people's successes'
Alexander Goehr about Pierre Boulez in 2005.

BBC4 TV broadcasts Pierre Boulez conducting his 80th birthday concert, including his cantata Le soleil des eaux, tonight (12th Nov), 19.00H GMT
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JeremyBender said…
I wish that using the Radio 3 player didn't freeze my computer every time that I try to use it as I'd have loved to have listened to the 80th b-day concert.

One of these days, I *will* get to hear Repons in the concert hall. I'm very much looking forward to a concert at the Disney Hall here in Los Angeles in February that comprises Boulez' amazing Le Marteau sans Maitre and Ligeti's wonderful Chamber Concerto. Not a hummable tune will be heard, just the way I like it! :-)

Mr. Boulez used to be a regular guest conductor here with the Philharmonic. Searing peformances of the Mahler 5th, La Mer and his own incredible Notations (the orchestral version) are still vivid in my memory.
JeremyBender said…
Oh bugger, I just noticed that the Birthday Bash was on BBC 4 television, no hope of seeing it here then.

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