Rooms with a view

Spent last weekend at Ty Mynydd Farmhouse 1300 feet up in the Black Mountains in Wales, just outside Hay-on-Wye. I've written about this area in several posts - Wot no computers and Lux Aeterna (and not Ligeti). Fantastic place to stay (if you don't mind a bit of off-roading to get in and out) with organic breakfasts using the farm produce. Even more fantastic is the view back down the valley...........

After a few days back in Norfolk I flew out to Nîmes, and spent a couple of days in Avignon. Today I arrived at L'Abbaye de Sainte-Madeleine at Le Barroux in the foothills of Mont Ventoux. I've posted several times about L'Abbaye, see What purpose do monks serve? and France says "No" - with a little help from Father Joe.

I'll be here for a week living and working with the monks in the Bendictine Community, revelling in the Gregorian Chant sung in all the Divine Offices, and enjoying the wine served with the meals produced from the Abbey's own vineyard. My cell in the monastery here is my second room with a view in a week, here is the monastery with the peak of Ventoux in the background.

Keep logging on to An Overgrown Path as I have some fantastic posts in the next few days, including exclusive research on new music in pre-war Berlin. But please bear with me if there is a slight delay answering emails and responding to comments, it's probably just the Great Silence after Compline.

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Garth Trinkl said…
Pliable, I hope that you will be singing, at times, with the Benedictine monks, as well as living and working and gardening with them.

And Ventoux certainly looks like a Cezanne water color drawing or painting, the way it disappears to the right...

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