Shifting Light

I always looking out for blogs that push the envelope, and here is a nice one. Shifting Light is a gallery of small oil paintings created mostly daily, by Julian Merrow-Smith, an English painter based in Crillon-le-Brave, in the South of France (Julian is the other half of cellist Ruth Phillips, whose blog Meanwhile in France was featured in my posting Serendipidity 2). This is a sort of daily diary in paintings. The paintings are small, the size of an envelope, and are available for purchase. Prices start at $100/€78/ £50.

A picture is worth a thousand words (or a million on some blogs), so enough said.

From Shifting Light - Green Olives: 15 x 10 cms, oil on gessoed card
PRICE: £50.00 [$100.00/€75,00]
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