Thursday, October 28, 2004

Further down the same path.....

And that is not the end of that thread...Irish artist Louise Barrett
offers a different take On An Overgrown Path in oils.


Another thread...


Threads - Brad Mehldau led to Nick Cave, and now the title of this blog leads to a graphic art discovery.

American artist John Jacobsen created On an Overgrown Path from acryllic and collage on wood in 1993. And if you think that looks like Bill Clinton's face on the orange woman on the right you are right - it is a cardboard cut-out saved from election day in 1992, which seems kind of appropriate.

The library's worth........


Even the most misfitting child
Who's chanced upon the library's worth
Sits with the genius of the Earth
And turns the key to the whole world

By Ted Hughes from his poem 'Hear it again'


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A troubled cure ... for a troubled mind

Nick Drake 1948 - 1974

Time has told me
You're a rare rare find
A troubled cure
For a troubled mind.

Lyrics from Time Has Told Me on Nick's first album Five Leaves Left

Nick Drake resources On An Overgrown Path include * A Skin Too Few * I am a camera - St Tropez * Monteverdi in Cambridge * Smile why it has been *

And as part of the Nick Drake thread read Patrick Humphries' book Nick Drake - the biography, and Darker than the Deepest Sea by Trevor Dann - both highly recommended.

A turd world country?


- there are 200,000 dogs in Paris

- each day they leave ten tons of excrement behind them

- each year six hundred Parisians break a limb slipping on dog turds

- the city of Paris uses sixty green motorcrottes that streak through the streets trying to vacuum up the turds. The cost of these to the tax payer is £5million a year

From Sixty Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong by Jean-Benoit Nadeau & Julie Barlow


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Chinese puzzle


Copyright 2004 PR Newswire Association, Inc. PR Newswire October 8, 2004, Friday 3:38 AM Eastern Time FINANCIAL NEWSTO HEALTH AND MEDICAL EDITORS795 words

In China, Road Accidents Claim More Than 600 Lives Every DayWithout Urgent Intervention This Could Be 1300 Lives Each Day, By 2020BEIJING, Oct. 8 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- The World Health Organization estimates that more than 600 lives are lost and more than 45,000 people are injured on China's roads every day. The huge road toll in China is just a part of a global epidemic of road traffic accidents that accounts for the deaths of some 1.2 million men, women, and children each year.The burden of traffic injuries and death falls most heavily on low- and middle-income countries -- they have about 90% of all road traffic deaths and disabilities. That could soon rise to 95% if the problem is not confronted. Road traffic fatalities in China are predicted to increase to almost half a million deaths each year by 2020 unless urgent action is taken.Beyond the loss of human life, poor road safety has an enormous economic impact. Annual direct and indirect costs have been estimated at between $US 12 to 21 billion, approximately 1.5% of China's GNP.

Living china>Shanghai>Shanghai News Digest

Grand Prix brings more than race to Shanghai
By Li Jian (China Daily)
Updated: 2004-09-27 08:31

A total of 200,000 spectators crowded into the newly-built Shanghai International Circuit to watch the inaugural Chinese Grand Prix.

The enthusiasm of the spectators peaked when Rubens Barrichello's red Ferrari roared to the grid for the last lap, followed by BAR's Jenson Button and McLaren's Kimi Raikkonen.

"I am going through a good phase and here in China. Everything has gone well all weekend," said Barrichello after his victory. "The reception we have had from the Chinese people has been fantastic."

"I think the circuit and the game is amazing," said Zhang Zhongfang, a spectator from Shanghai.

Although the price of admission to the race averaged 2,500 yuan (US$300), tickets were sold out several months ago.

Shanghai Circuit reportedly earned more than 300 million (US$36 million.)

The race also brought income for Shanghai's hotels, land investors and tourism agencies.

A total of 150,000 visitors arrived in Shanghai to see the F1 competition. Most of the hotels in Shanghai have been fully booked from early this month and prices have risen.

The land price in Anting, where the circuit was build, has tripled and is likely to rise even more.

Shanghai is looking for additional motor racing events to promote its image and its automobile industry.


The perfect thread

Here is an example of what On An Overgrown Path is all about. Bought the new Brad Mehldau solo CD Live in Tokyo , and very good it is too.

Two of the tracks are improvisations on tunes by Nick Drake - who is Nick Drake I asked?A brilliant English song writer and folk/rock singer who sadly died at an early age in 1974 leaving behind just three albums.


In a neat piece of synchronicity a 'Greatest Hits' type compilation called Treasury has just been released, but grab hold of Pink Moon if you can, it is one of the more wonderful destinations that this overgrown path will lead you to.


Revenge on the car.....

The press was full of pictures of the destruction caused by a flash flood in the Cornish village of Boscastle. Thank goodness no one died, but a lot of cars did.


Strikes me that this is divine intervention. Until we stop screwing up the environment there will be an increasing number of these storms which will precisely target and destroy the real cause of so many our problems - cars. Mini typhoons following the M25 orbital motorway next? Or will we see a final immolation scene with a giant flood wiping all the cars off the face of the earth? - or have I been listening to too much Wagner?